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Finish Options

Each of our wood finishes are custom formulated by us! We've put together a collection of our most popular finishes. We call it our signature collection.  After the coloring process, each item is finished with either multiple coats of urethane or a hard furniture finishing wax and buffed to a beautiful luster. 

The choice is all yours!

"Our furniture resist water, stains, and last a lifetime." 

Tough time deciding? Want to see our finishes in person? 

How about we send out a National Rustic Finish Kit


Get a hands on look at each of our beautiful options. 


 Finish Kit's are $29.99

However, if you place your order within 30 days of receiving the kit, we will credit your order $29.99 

You may also book an appointment to visit our showroom where you can see several different examples of our work. 

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