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All orders we process are custom to your size, shape, and color. To ensure your completion date is met, we must begin crafting your order within a day or two from your order being placed. Once an order is placed we require a 50% deposit for each piece we craft, this can be paid in person at one of our locations, or when you order via email, text, or phone. Once your deposit has been placed, your order is in production. Please be certain when you place your order. Deposits are non-refundable. Color and size changes are welcome quickly after your order has been placed but unfortunately can't be guaranteed. Your deposit will be applied to the custom items in your order. Your deposit may not be used or applied to future orders. We require a 50% deposit of the total for each item you order. Any additional order will be invoiced and a 50% deposit will be taken on these additional items prior to starting production.


All custom furniture orders have a lead time depending on the type of order and time of year. Customer service can advise on an approximate time for a specific orders during your appointment. Lead times are approximate. National Rustic will do its best to meet lead times, although factors outside our control such as pandemics, humidity and weather make it impossible for us to guarantee any specific due date. Cancellations are not accepted on the basis of an over-due lead time. 


Your estimated date of completion will be listed as a line item on your invoice. We split our months into 2 parts, (first to middle of the month, and middle to end) your estimated completion date is NOT necessarily the date you will receive your furniture, it's simply the date at which your furniture is completed and ready for pickup or delivery. In most cases delivery is completed as soon as 1 week from your completion date.  Once your order is complete we will reach out via phone or email to arrange pickup or delivery.  Due to the number of pieces we craft, unless prior arrangements are made, we are unable to hold or store items for longer than 60 days after you are notified of completion. If your order is unclaimed for longer than 60 days after completion, you will loose your initial deposit, and your furniture will become property of National Rustic.


Because each piece of National Rustic furniture is custom handcrafted and/or finished to order and therefore is not re-sellable by National Rustic, we do not offer cancellations or refundsWe require a 50% deposit for each piece that is ordered prior to starting the crafting process.  When you place your order, a 50% deposit will be taken for each item. Upon delivery or pickup, you will owe the remaining 50% balance on each item. Deposits may not be applied as final payments or deposits on other items besides the orginal items the deposit was placed on. Each item will have a remaining balance that must be paid prior to releasing your furniture. Our products are built from real solid kiln dried wood that is distressed and has a reclaimed look. The entire crafting process is by hand. Our finishes are applied by brush. Many of our pieces are painted, polyurethane and waxed by hand and and you may see brush marks, or other artifacts expected with handmade furniture.  Any characteristics of handmade furniture should not be considered defects. Defective items are items that are unable to be used due to structural defects. (For those rare cases, we provide a lifetime structural warranty. Details below.) 



If your furniture isn’t crafted to the color, size, or style that is listed on your order invoice, we’ll fix or replace it.


If your furniture arrives damaged due to our delivery, we’ll fix or replace it.


If you experience any structural defect or failure during the lifetime you own your furniture, We will fix or replace it!


Though we handcraft hundreds of items each year, our small team is like a family. That means you won’t get stuck behind call centers and big company policies, The same person who answered the call to help you place the order will be there if you need any help after. Just give us a call 615.981.1071 I promise a real person will answer!


We offer a lifetime limited structural warranty on all of our custom solid wood handcrafted furniture!



We warrant to you, the original purchaser, with the exceptions stated below, the furniture you have ordered will be free from defects structurally for the entire time you own it.  If at anytime during your ownership you experience a structural failure, simply return it to us and we will replace or repair it at absolutely no cost to you! We simply ask that you drop off and pickup your repair when it is complete. Depending on the repair please allow up to 4 weeks or more. We can also help arrange a pickup and delivery through a 3rd party delivery company we work with, you would be responsible for the delivery cost that is quoted based on mileage. 



This warranty does not cover commercial use, and is void if damage is a result of unreasonable or abusive use, acts of God, improper care, mildew or other outdoor damage, normal wear, fading, natural movement of wood. Improper humidity in your home can cause separation and splitting of wood! This warranty does NOT cover movement or splitting of wood. Please read and follow the detailed care instructions online, and also provided as part of your sign-off sheet when your furniture is delivered or picked up.   The warranty is void if customer fails to provide reasonable and necessary care as outlined in the care and maintenance instructions. National Rustic shall not be held responsible for loss of use, time, inconvenience, packing, travel, personal injury, or other consequential or incidental damages resulting from any defect in the product. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that any items you order will fit into your space. National Rustic is not responsible if an item does not fit. Please inspect your order thoroughly prior to signing any delivery or pickup documents;

For those who choose our affordable delivery, In the rare event that your furniture is damaged in transit, Contact us immediately! 615.981.1071. National Rustic will correct the issue at no additional charge as long as the damage is properly noted upon delivery. it is imperative that you note any and all damages at the time of delivery. We try our best to be as helpful as possible, however can not guarantee a resolution for issues that are brought to our attention after you have received, accepted, and signed off on your furniture.



If you have any questions, please call 615.981.1071

National Rustic does not accept returns or cancellations on any order.

Deposits are non-refundable.


Due to the characteristics of wood, fabrics and other materials, there will be variations in colors and grains. Sometimes a sample may appear slightly different than your actual production piece. Additionally, computer monitors, mobile phones, and digital cameras display colors in photos slightly differently depending on a wide variety of different settings. Therefore a specific product image you see on your computer monitor, may be a different shade or look than the actual piece you receive. We offer a super convenient way to see our work and place your order in person by booking an appointment to visit our showroom just North on Nashville.  We also offer a "National Rustic Finish Kit"  for those placing phone orders who may want to see the actual finish and color in person, but unable to book an appointment. 


We sincerely hope you enjoy your items for many years to come. We believe that we're crafting more than just furniture. We're crafting a place for your memories to rise and loved ones to gather for years! 

We look forward to serving you!

The National Rustic Team

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