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Table Seating Guide

Figuring out what size table is right for your space can be confusing and frustrating. Luckily, it doesn't have to be with these few simple tips!


Tip #1: Seating Capacity

How many people would you like to  seat?

Benches will always maximize seating! 


For all chairs a general rule:


For Rectangular Tables:

6’ tables seat 6 
8’ tables seat 8  
10’ tables seat 10  
12’ tables seat 12  


For Round Tables:

48” tables seat 4  
54” tables seat 5-6  
60” tables seat 6-7  


For Square Tables:

46” tables seat 4 
55” tables seat 4-8  
60“ tables seat 8 
66” tables seat 8  


Tip #2: Masking/Painters Tape

Use tape to outline a table on your floor. This will really help you visualize your new table in its space. Measure and measure what you drew and let us know!  If you can maximize your space with a 7.75’ table, Great!. That's what we will craft!


Tip 3: Spacing

If you know the room’s dimensions, but don’t have access to the space, here’s a spacing tip that will really help with the math.

  • You want at least 3 feet of clearance around all four sides your table. This is the minimum that will allow for chairs to be pushed back when someone stands up or for someone to be able to slide behind a chair that’s pulled up to the table. 

  • To maximize seating, consider a bench along one or both sides. You can seat more on benches than chairs, and when not needed, you can simply tuck it under the table.



The following diagrams provide guidelines for different size and shape farmhouse dining tables.  Diagrams are based on chairs that are 20″ wide.  The allowance between the chairs should be a minimum of 2″ (tight) to 6″ (roomy).  Seating arrangements labeled tight are for occasional use and typically involve some interference with the table legs.  Remember, we can handcraft ANY size table!


Table Seating Guide | National Rustic Handcrafted Furniture Nashville | Tennessee
Table Seating Guide | National Rustic Handcrafted Furniture Nashville | Tennessee

Still need help? Let Abby our on-staff furniture designer help!

Give her a call 615.981.1071 or Book a free one-on-one design appointment by clicking the button below!
We’d love to help guide you to the perfect dining table size and shape for your space.

Now that you’ve figured out size, let’s dive into finish options. What finish works best in your space?

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